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Whether its for your corporate video library or your in the entertainment business, we have a solution for you.


Knowledge is power, know who watched what and when, we even provide a heat map so you can see exactly what part of the video a user watched.


From uploading, encrypting and encoding right through to your own branded portal, everything perfectly optimised.

User Management

Exceptional user and group management, fine grained permissions and detailed analytics.


Integration with Stripe means your payment gateway is beautiful, secure & works everywhere.



Our Benefits

VDYO is a fully featured Video Management Product we constantly add new features so your always ahead of the game.

Facebook Integration

Share your video to play back within Facebook, even with pre-roll content. A great way to market your video content or service.


Insert your advertisements or sponsorship messages into your content, even when sharing on facebook.

Global Delivery

Your content is delivered quickly and uninterrupted through our global content delivery network.We encode your content as part of the upload process, so there's no need to worry about what kind of filetype you're submitting....It just works.

True DRM

We encrypt the video stream and only allow access to permitted users, giving you bullet proof security for your content.

Easy Embed

The video content hosted on our servers can be directly published to your own sites’ theme, while still tracking everything.

Playback Everywhere

Plays back on 99% of devices. No configuration needed, no plugins to install.


Does your film festival need a digital distribution solution? What about secure content channel for sensitive materials? Or maybe you want to set up your own TVOD or SVOD rich content marketplace?  If so, you should contact us, we love hearing new ideas. 

APSA View is a secure and convenient online viewing and voting platform, specifically developed for Academy members.The application allows APSA Members to view and vote for nominees and winners.
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TrainNow presents dramatic impact visual training that maximises retention and learning for high quality safety & HR training. 
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AACTA TV is one of the many important ways AFI | AACTA promotes and shares access to great Australian content.
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Bluesfest TV is a digital video distribution platform for Bluesfest music festival content.
Read more is a Subscription Video-On -Demand (SVOD) application for Android Tablet and Mobile devices.
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APDG uses VDYO for their prestigious annual awards event. Being a production design awards their content is not just limited to video.
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