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Our white-labelled subscription solution is built by video for video people.

Why Us

We have deep domain experience in the video industry, from the production of content to technical development. We know the content business extremely well and this has enabled us to build a product that is simple to use, and its suited to the video industry.


VDYO is developed as multiplatform, and we are adding new platforms all the time.


Insert your advertisements or sponsorship messages into your content using VAST 4, including Ad Pods.

Content Delivery

Built on the world’s largest CDN your video is streamed perfectly no matter where your customers are.

True DRM

We encrypt your valuable content using Widevine, PlayReady, Encrypted HLS and Fairplay.

User Management

Connect your existing users using industry standard OAuth2, or use our inbuilt user management


Your content is encoded and encrypted for playback onmultiple devices.

Your branding your way

Just add your branding elements, and point your domain and your are all set up. No coding ….no worries.


From uploading, encrypting and encoding right through to your own branded portal, everything perfectly optimised.


Knowledge is power, know who watched and when.

User Management

Exceptional user and group management, fine grained permissions and detailed analytics.


Integration with Stripe means your payment gateway is beautiful, secure & works everywhere.

Fully features CMS


Video contentrelated fields to easily manage your content library, no matter how large or complex.


Metadata is indexed and cached so searching for content is simple and immediate.


Bulk editing of metadata makes content management simple and efficient.

File Management

Video Files

Upload from your local PC or load from the cloud via Dropbox, public link, FTP and Aspera.


Upload high resolution images, you can use our crop tool, so you don’t have to resize images prior to upload.

Data and Bandwidth

1TB of Storage and Streaming bandwidth is included, this is about 24000 mins of streaming per month. There are a lot of variables so please contacts us and we can work with you on costing for higher usage.



Simply use Stripe Connect and your sales revenue flows immediately to your own account on every sale or subscription. We don’t take a cut.


You can list your content as pay-per-view, set up a monthly subscription, or a combination. The series module enables you to charge per item or discounted rate for the entire series.


Sell your own advertising on the platform and keep all the revenue.

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Use cases

VDYO is a fully featured Video Management Product we constantly add new features so you’re always ahead of the game

Video on Demand

Build your own channel, integrate advertising or charge a pay per view or subscription fee.


Use our highly secure video platform for sensitive internal corporate communications, provide secure access for your customers to view training content specifically for them without the rest of it being seen by the wrong person.

Film Festivals

Create your own jury voting platform, with highly secure video delivery, and granular user and group management, make it easy for your jury to view content anywhere and anytime.

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